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Summer of 2017, a very special relative was diagnosed with breast cancer. Not being educated on this topic at all prior to her diagnose made this even more scary. While this was very scary, my family was very fortunate that the cancer was detected early. Thankfully, she was able to undergo necessary treatment and now can walk happily as a survivor. This tough time gave me a strong passion for health and made me put things into perspective. 

1 in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of their lifetime. I want to spread a message across the state of Minnesota, nationally, and ultimately universally: the importance of going to the doctor on the regular to be tested. Not only for breast cancer, but for overall health. You never know what can be happening with your body. My relative went in to get checked for their swollen ankle, and was recommended a mammogram. If they didn't go in to get checked for one thing, the cancer would've continued to spread and grow.

Every two minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, and every 13 minutes unfortunately someone passes away as a direct result of breast cancer.

Life is a gift. Health is important. My mission is to spread this message.

Please check out some links below that help with Breast Cancer in Minnesota.

Sage Screening Program - Pays you $20 after completing a mammogram. 

Susan G Komen - Many events and fundraising opportunities.

Hope Chest - Volunteer opportunities and events.

Pay it Forward - Helps families dealing with breast cancer pay bills.

American Cancer Society - Volunteer opportunities and events to connect with people in the breast cancer community.

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